Welcome to The Screening Room

Terms and Conditions of Use

By streaming or viewing a streaming event on The Screening Room platform, you accept the following terms and conditions of participation:

For Streamers

  1. Content Ownership: Streamers must own or have the necessary rights to use any content they submit to the platform for streaming.
  2. Technical Requirements: Streamers are responsible for ensuring their equipment, internet connection, and other technical requirements are sufficient for delivering a high-quality stream. The necessary technical requirements are at least 2MB internet speed and a computer capable of streaming 1080p video using the H264 codec via OBS Studio streaming application at 30fps using RTMP protocol.
  3. Content Guidelines: Streamers must adhere to the platform's content guidelines, which prohibit any illegal or offensive content in the country where their target audience resides.
  4. Payment: Streamers will receive 90 percent of the agreed ticket fee for their streaming events after the payment processing fees are deducted, as outlined in the platform's payment policy.
  5. Availability: If a streamer chooses to do a live event, they must be available at the designated time and date to stream to their fans who have bought tickets. If the artist is unavailable during the time of streaming, as reported by the majority of the fans, the artist will not receive any payment.
  6. Subtitles: If a streamer provides a recorded video/audio file, they must also provide subtitles if necessary.
  7. Termination: The platform reserves the right to terminate any streamer's account if they violate the terms of service or engage in any illegal activities.

For Viewers

  1. Content Access: Fans who purchase tickets to a streaming event will be granted access to the event for the specified period of time.
  2. Refunds: Ticket purchases are final and non-refundable, except in cases where the streamer cancels the event or there are technical issues preventing all viewers from accessing the event.
  3. Prohibited Conduct: Fans must not engage in any illegal activities or violate the platform's content guidelines during a streaming event. Fans may not submit ad content in the chatbox provided during the stream, and they must not interact with other users in the chat in a hostile manner.
  4. Technical Issues: The platform is not responsible for any technical issues experienced by fans, such as internet connectivity problems or issues with their device.
  5. Intellectual Property: Fans may not record or distribute any content from a streaming event without the express permission of the streamer and the platform.
  6. Termination: Any attempt to manipulate the ticketing system through technological methods will be deemed fraudulent activity and will lead to the deactivation of all tickets associated with such actions. We retain the right to refuse refunds for any fraudulent tickets obtained through such means.
  7. Termination: The platform reserves the right to terminate any fan's account if they violate the terms of service or engage in any illegal activities.