Welcome to The Screening Room

What is The Screening Room?

Monetizing live content for artists and creators has never been easy. There has always been two primary challenges in this path:

  1. No way of limiting paid viewers to using only one device/screen.
  2. No sustainable pricing model that is truly beneficial to the creators.

The Screening Room has come to solve both of these issues - providing a streamlined and seamless way for artists and creators to have paid live events.

Who is it for?

If you have a song, music video, movie, or just about any type of streaming content, we are here to host it for you. If you are a fan, you will be able to conviniently buy tickets to any of our events and enjoy live performances from anywhere in the world. We wish to create an intimate concert-like environment by limiting event capacities to under 100 attendees. So, yeah! It is a pretty exclusive club!

How does it work for artists/creators?

  1. You as an artist can choose to either stream live, or provide a recorded video/audio file. We also support subtitles for recorded content.
  2. If you choose to stream a recorded file, you will provide the recorded file to us. And if you choose to have a live event, you will then have to be ready at a specific date/time of your choice to stream for the fans who have already bought tickets to the event.
  3. While live events happen once, recorded events can be watched anytime within a period of your choice.

We guarantee that:

How much does it cost the artist/creator to hold an event at The Screening Room?

We only charge 10% commission on each ticket!

* PayPal processing fee directly reflects their official prices for EU as specified here.

If you're an artist, apply now to stream at The Screening Room!


How does it work for fans?

You, as a fan, buy tickets to watch your favorite artist/creator perform. New events are announced at the botton of this page. Here are the conditions of participation in our events:

  1. You can only stream the event on one device/screen. For any additional screens, you should buy addtional tickets.
  2. Be sure to check the time of the event. Live events will only air at their specific time.

We guarantee that: